Billboard Rental

Outdoor advertising works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Big, bold, creative outdoor displays in an uncluttered environment build brand recognition and drive customer traffic. Billboards simply work harder and deliver more value for your advertising dollar.

Let our marketing professionals work with you to craft a message that impacts today's highly mobile consumers and creates an awareness of your business and what makes you unique. We promise that EFFECTIVE Outdoor Advertising, llc will work as hard as you do.

Effective offers Bulletin Billboards, Trivision Billboards, and Digital Boards. A bulletin billboard is static and has one vinyl on it. These are the most commonly seen highway boards. Trivision billboards typically rotate every 7-10 seconds and support 3 separate advertisements. Digital boards are electronic LED boards that are very visible and eye catching. The surface of a Digital Billboard is an electronic screen. The screen has artwork created for it that appears in 7.5 second intervals. Compared to a static board, the changing of the message alone draws more eyes to your advertisement. You can purchase one of the slots and have your message displayed during its time slot. You can also create several messages and have them displayed in the slots as well.Need to rent a Billboard? Contact us today for a quote »